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Ways to Increase Safety While Bathing the Elderly

Ways to Increase Safety While Bathing the Elderly

Hygiene is important for the elderly so that they can always feel clean and be away from falling prey to diseases caused by bacteria. It also augments their overall sense of comfort. However, paying a close attention to hygiene such as by bathing your elderly loved one is not as simple as it looks. Whether you’ll believe it or not, the bathroom is possibly the most dangerous place in the house where your elderly loved ones could succumb easily to fall and other accidents. Your senior loved ones have difficulty in completing simple tasks because of lack in physical strength that they once had. Try to look at these safety tips from AG Home Care Services, LLC to make it easy for you to aid your loved ones as you bathe them at home:

  • Use a taller toilet. Most toilets sold in warehouses have a height of at least 15 inches. However, these toilets cause undue stress to your senior loved ones whenever they get back up and thus, predisposes them to falls or slips. In order to minimize such risk, you can opt for taller toilets that are at least an inch and a half higher than the standard ones. This is practically suggested in most Home Care Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • Always have someone to supervise. Someone should always be by your senior loved one’s side whenever they are bathing such as a Home Health Aide in Pennsylvania. If you have noticed that they still can perform the task at hand with deftness, then you allow them to bathe themselves all on their own but you have to maintain a close distance just in cases of untoward events. If you notice they have troubles in bathing, then it is best to supervise them. This is to assist them in their mobility and balance issues while they are in the bathroom. This way, you can immediately be with them so that they will not slip while being bathe in the bathroom.

  • Make sure lights are bright. Most adults often use the bathroom at night because of poor bladder due to aging. The best thing you can ever do is to install bright lights so that your senior loved ones will not have troubles moving around the bathroom. While doing this, they are well oriented in everything that’s going around the house.

  • Have transfer equipment. In order to enhance the safety of the bathroom, you must ensure that you remodel it in such a way that safety fixtures are in place. You must have transfer equipment that will aid you in moving your loved ones from a sitting position to a standing one or vice versa. Installing grab bars is also an important consideration that you shouldn’t miss.

It is your responsibility to make sure that necessary safety precautions have been put in place so your loved ones will not experience fall or slips while using the bathroom. Thus, update the bathroom so that it ensures utmost safety for its users. This will help prevent any untoward accidents from ever happening to anyone.

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