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Senior Tips: Improving Your Mobility and Safety Inside Your Home


Old age can already be synonymous with limited mobility which can also affect your safety. Here are a couple of tips to keep you mobile and safe inside your own home when you are already in your golden years:

  • Bedroom

    The bedroom is where you will sleep and rest. It should both be safe and comfortable for you. Make sure that the temperature is in the right setting and the lights are bright. If they are not, have them changed immediately.

    It might be best to keep a night light at your bedside. Your wheelchair or any other mobility device should also be ready and easily accessible from your bed.

  • Bathroom

    Your bathroom is one of the places where your fall risk is high. So, it is crucial that you make certain modifications that will make toileting or showering a relatively easy task for you in your age.

    Even if you have a home health aide in Pennsylvania assisting you with these tasks, you surely would want to be as independent as possible. Try installing grab bars on the walls of the bathroom so you can support yourself through them. Additionally, use shower benches that you can sit on while showering. It may be best to use a removable shower head for easy bathing.

  • Kitchen

    Keep your kitchen clean. A dirty kitchen can surely affect your health. Engaging home care services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania can help you in challenging tasks such as scrubbing the kitchen sink or even preparing meals.

    On your part, you can try arranging utensils and storing them safely. You might also want to conduct a regular inspection inside the fridge for expired food items. Throw them out to avoid risk of consuming them.

  • Pathways

    The pathways must be clear and free from any obstacle. Remember, your body won’t have the same reflexes as you used to. You won’t recover immediately when getting out of balance. Clearing the pathways from obstacles will reduce the chance of you getting into this situation.

  • Furniture

    Pieces of furniture must be chosen carefully. Avoid those made from glass as well as those with sharp edges. In terms of cushion, try to go with firm ones. Soft cushions may make it hard for you to stand up after sitting on them.

  • Outdoors

    You should not forget the exterior part of your home. As much as possible, level down the ground. Remove steps leading to the doors. This will make it easier for you to move.

    If you or your loved one needs home care, do not hesitate to contact AG Home Care Services, LLC. We specialize in providing non-medical assistance to clients in their homes. Call now!

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