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Necessary Precautions for Seniors when Exercising

Necessary Precautions for Seniors when Exercising

Exercise isn’t only meant for the younger generation. Even seniors are encouraged to exercise, as it helps promote good health and maintain the youthfulness in them. Precautions are necessary, though, when doing so. Otherwise, their safety would only be in peril.

If you have now reached a certain age but are still gutsy to exercise, AG Home Care Services, LLC is here to remind you of the following precautions when exercising to ensure your own safety:

  • Always warm up and cool down.

    It is important that you prepare your body first for an aerobic activity with slow stretches. Be careful not to put it in shock by immediately engaging in vigorous routines.

    Warming up reduces your chances of getting muscle sores and injuries. It also helps you perform your routines well. Cooling down after exercise regulates your blood flow after being revved up. It may also reduce muscle soreness.

  • Choose your activities.

    There may be activities and sports that are no longer appropriate for seniors. To identify what these are, assess your tolerance and stamina, energy levels, capacity, and health conditions. It is expected that seniors perform lighter exercises compared to that of younger individuals.

    In choosing your activities, it is also necessary that you plan your pacing as well as the intensity of your exercises.

  • Choose a flat surface.

    You can perform your exercise routines anywhere in your home, provided that the surface is flat and safe from the risk of trips and falls. You can also make use of an exercise mat to cushion your body from working out on a hard floor.

  • Stay well-nourished.

    Before you move your way to exercise, make sure you have garnered enough energy from the food or snack you’ve eaten. You are going to use up quite an amount of energy in your exercise. Eating healthy after your workout also helps your muscles recover quickly. Exercise no matter the type becomes more effective when it is partnered with healthy and balanced eating.

  • Stay hydrated.

    Being physically active causes you to lose a lot of fluid which has to be replaced immediately to avoid dehydration. Make sure to drink enough glasses of water before exercising. Don’t refrain from taking breaks in between your routines to grab some sips through your tumbler. Refresh yourself with water even after every exercise. Staying hydrated before, during, and after exercise frees you from extreme physical pains and fatigue.

If a chronic pain is affecting your mobility, exercising alone might be risky for you. Take comfort, nevertheless, because we’ve got reliable Home Health Aides in Pennsylvania who are always on the go to serve you! Our home health aides are trained to assist you in performing light exercises.

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