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How to Maximize the Benefits from a Home Health Aide


A Home Health Aide in Pennsylvania has different duties to perform. Typically, these duties focused on providing assistance with Activities of the Daily Living or Instrumental Activities of Daily Living and ensuring the safety of the patient. Furthermore, the aide will also provide companionship to the individual in the latter’s home or preferred choice of living environment.

If you have decided to engage Home Care Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for your senior family member, you will surely enjoy the benefits of having someone around to watch over and assist your loved one when necessary. To maximize these benefits, here are tips you can follow:

  • Discuss expectations.

    Talk about what you expect from the caregiver. Make sure to be specific and firm about what these expectations are. This way, the caregiver will be able to understand how to do a great job in providing the services they are hired for.

  • Set rules.

    You surely do not want to arrive home to see that some of the decorations have been moved. As such, it is important to set rules as to how the caregiver should go about the job in your home. Provide specific instructions as to which rooms are off-limits or which duties they need to do at a particular time.

    Typically, a home health aide has limitations in their scope of services but it will surely be better to go over these things with the caregiver prior to starting any work. In this manner, you will not get surprised when they refuse to perform certain activities not within their scope.

  • Create a work schedule.

    Developing a routine for your caregiver will be beneficial to all parties involved. The senior family member will be able to get the assistance they need at times when such assistance is needed the most. The caregiver will be able to fulfill duties effectively and satisfy the client. You can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

    Be realistic when creating a work schedule for the caregiver. For instance, you can schedule two doctor’s visits in one day and household chores the next day. You have to remember that most Home Care render services in shifts so a schedule can definitely be a good thing.

  • Speak up.

    If there is something not satisfactory about the job that the aide is doing, speak up. This will let them know the quality of the service being rendered, as well as how to correct it. Speaking up will also benefit you and your senior family member.

AG Home Care Services, LLC can provide you with personal care assistance through our caring staff. For inquiries on what we do, please call us at 215-473-2030.

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