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Category Archives: Home Care Services

6 Tips to Keep Seniors Safe from Dehydration

How dangerous is dehydration? Is it something to be alarmed about? It most certainly is. Dehydration can lead to a series of health complications if left untreated. At first, it may simply start with a case of dizziness and confusion. Over time, it can result to heat stroke, urinary tract infection, kidney problems, seizures, and … Continue reading

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4 Signs: Is It the Right Time to Enlist for Home Care?

You may find yourself looking for signs if your senior needs to be provided with Home Care Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is tough for you to determine the right time for you to finally call for some help. So how will you know for sure? If your elderly family member is experiencing any of … Continue reading

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7 Big Reasons Why You Should Get a Home Care Assistant

As sons and daughters, it is our duty to take care of our parents when their hairs turn gray. It is during this time that they will need our assistance, companionship, and love. But due to the demands of the modern world, spending quality time with our elderly loved ones is almost impossible to do. … Continue reading

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Ways to Increase Safety While Bathing the Elderly

Hygiene is important for the elderly so that they can always feel clean and be away from falling prey to diseases caused by bacteria. It also augments their overall sense of comfort. However, paying a close attention to hygiene such as by bathing your elderly loved one is not as simple as it looks. Whether … Continue reading

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Companionship – 5 Simple Ways in Improving Your Senior Loved One’s Life

As per the popular search engine Google, companionship is a noun that holds the definition “a feeling of fellowship or friendship.” It sounds an easy and subtle word yet it holds a crucial meaning to frail persons like the senior citizens. Reaching the golden years, seniors experience change, mostly for the worse. Their senses get … Continue reading

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