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7 Big Reasons Why You Should Get a Home Care Assistant


As sons and daughters, it is our duty to take care of our parents when their hairs turn gray. It is during this time that they will need our assistance, companionship, and love. But due to the demands of the modern world, spending quality time with our elderly loved ones is almost impossible to do. But is all the hope lost? Not yet, thanks to the creation of home care agencies.

Is getting the services of home care agencies equal to abandoning your loved ones? NO! Though you are not physically there to serve them, your gesture can still be translated as an act of love. Hiring a caregiver simply means your time is pinned due to other co-equally important matters.

Inclined to get a caregiver for your loved one but still not sure what to expect? Here are seven major benefits of doing so:

  • Professional services at home.
    Hiring a caregiver is akin to having a nurse but you are at home. A caregiver is a well-rounded assistant. They know how to keep a senior citizen safe at home. The caregiver is also knowledgeable about the things the patient can and cannot do.
  • Guided day-to-day living.
    With a stationed caregiver, the risks of home accidents that a senior may suffer is significantly lowered. No more bathroom slips or stumbling upon small debris. Caregivers also enhance a patient’s sense of mobility.
  • Medication and nutrition watch.
    As a senior’s mind has become frail due to old age, forgetting the maintenance medications is easier. With an extra person to monitor, you can worry less about mismatched medication and malnutrition.
  • Flexible services.
    Depending on the arrangement with the agencies, a caregiver can be on-call or can stay for several days. Also, they may accompany seniors to doctor’s appointments or even to personal travels like attending birthdays or tea parties.
  • Miscellaneous care.
    A caregiver can do menial chores for the patients too. They may be asked to do light laundry and dishwashing. They can also go to the grocery or fetch medication refills from the pharmacy.
  • No hospital or facility charge!
    Since a caregiver is performing his job at the patient’s home, there is no need to pay for hospital or facility charges. Talk about major savings!
  • Heartfelt companionship.
    More than assistants, caregivers can become the patient’s friend and confidant. They enjoy little things together. Companionship is beneficial for a senior’s mental health as it combats depression.

Not all Home Care providers are reliable and you should be meticulous in choosing the right one. Go for an agency that treats your senior parents or grandparents not less than their own kin!

Looking for competent caregivers and exceptional home aide programs at reasonable prices? Then come to AG Home Care Services, LLC. We deliver Home Care Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania only in a quality not less than impressive!

To know the rest of our services packages, talk with us. Please call 215-473-2030.

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