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3 Hazardous Risks That Senior Citizens Should Avoid

3 Hazardous Risks That Senior Citizens Should Avoid

Taking care of an elderly is very challenging. While doing the daily grind, you need to consider a lot of things, especially placing their safety on top of your list. One of the ways to keep seniors safe is to identify the common hazardous risks that should be avoided. The following are some examples to take note of:

  • Medications

    Administering medications to seniors can be tricky sometimes. Without knowledge and guidance, the chances of administering the medicines incorrectly are high. It is important to know and follow the instructions for preparation and administration to safeguard seniors from all known risks.

    Always remember that if you are not careful enough, your loved one would suffer from serious health complications. If you are unsure of the medications prescribed to them, then talk to their doctor for clarification.

    Also, it is important to check the label during preparation, paying particular attention to the expiration date of the drug. You wouldn’t want to administer an expired one, would you? Moreover, ensure to administer the right dosage at the right time and through the right route.

  • Fires

    According to the US statistics, seniors 65 years old and above are more prone to being caught by fires at home. Seniors getting caught in a fire is no joke at all. Families and loved ones must consider the ways to safeguard them from this awful situation.

    The first step to safety is by educating them beforehand. You can educate them on how to avoid fire accidents, as well as the importance of installing a smoke alarm in the house. You can also provide escape plans and convenient exits for them in case of fire.

  • Slips and falls

    Placing warning signs around the house can be helpful, too. Signs like “Please watch your step” and “Wet Bathroom Floors.” However, putting up these signs alone is not enough to ensure the safety of your seniors.

    Falls, being one of the leading causes of injury, disability, health problems, and even death among the elderly, is something that should be taken seriously. We all know how vulnerable seniors are when it comes to accidents, especially seniors with poor eyesight and decreased physical strength. We should always be careful. Remove all known hazards and assist them when moving around.

    You can decrease their risk by keeping the floors dry, providing proper lighting in all areas, and more.

If you are in need of Home Care Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, AG Home Care Services, LLC is here for you. We offer Home Care assistance for seniors at the comforts of their home, especially those with disabilities. For more information about our Home Health Aide in Pennsylvania, you can call us at 215-473-2030 or visit our website at

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